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2021 Grade Appeals

Student Appeals. As students and parents/legal guardians will be aware, student grades have been decided by teachers as Teacher Assessed Grades. There is a very specific appeals process this year. Please read the information carefully and check that you understand the basis of an appeal. Please be aware that there is no grade protection and that your grade can be lowered as well as go up or stay the same.

The Appeals process

Students will not be able to challenge their individual grades as Ofqual and the DfE do not believe that there is any person better placed than teachers to determine teachers assessed grades. Although everyone will be working hard to make sure that the grades issued are correct, there will be an appeals process as a ‘safety net’ to correct any genuine errors that were not identified prior results day.

If students believe that an error has been made, then students will need to submit their appeal (using their school email address) to the school on 12th August. We cannot accept an appeal request later than 16th August. You must use the JCQ Form (in the attachments on this page) which sets out the stages for an appeal and it is very important to remember that the grade can go up, down or stay the same. The appeal form will be also be available on request from the Exams Officer. 

It is important to remember before you make an appeal that unless there has been an administration error, the exam boards will only consider whether grades you have been awarded were a “reasonable exercise of academic judgement”. The reviewer (at the examinations board) will not remark individual assessments to make fine judgements but will take a holistic approach based on the overall evidence the school will provide.


The grounds for an appeal

  • Administrative - a factual error such as transposing grades for students with similar names
  • Procedural - whether a school or college followed procedures properly and consistently in arriving at the grade being challenged or in conducting its review. Areas of concern may include: mitigating circumstances, access arrangements, and/or internal standardisation or authentication involved in determining student work
  • Unreasonable exercise of academic judgement - for the selection of evidence used to decide a grade or the grading decision.

The two stages of an appeal

1. Stage 1 is referred to as “centre review”

a. You believe that the school has made an administrative error in submitting the grade.

b. You believe that there has been a procedural error (in other words, the school did not comply with their Centre Policy, or did not undertake internal quality assurance, did not take into account access arrangements and/or mitigating circumstances).

2. Stage 2 is referred to as “Appeal to the awarding organisation” (submitted by the school to the relevant examinations board on behalf of students)

a. You still think there has been a procedural error.

b. You still think the examinations boards made an administrative error.

c. You think that the grade awarded was an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement in the choice of evidence. An exercise of judgement will not be judged unreasonable simply because you may consider that an alternative grade should have been awarded even if you can put forward supporting evidence.

You should be aware that there may be a difference in opinion without there being an unreasonable exercise of judgement.

Please refer to the JCQ documents and our Centre Policy (Centre Policy) before you make your decision to appeal a grade you have been awarded. JCQ A guide to appeals process Summer 2021 series