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A Huge Congratulation to our Year 11 Students

Today, we are thrilled to welcome our Year 11 students back to school, as they come-in to pick up their GCSE results. Despite the circumstances they have encountered over recent months, today is the day they see the fruits of all their hard work at Hilbre High, over not just this year but also all five years of their education!

Headteacher, Mr Mark Bellamy says, “What a pleasure to be able to welcome our Year 11s back to school today as they pick-up their results. It is clear that so many of our students are seeing the rewards of their dedication throughout their time at Hilbre and I am delighted to see so many happy young people. Despite the circumstances our students faced this year, the grades they have achieved are a fair and accurate reflection of their commitment and attitude in school. Well done to each and every one of them. Every student in this school makes me proud and I am thrilled that so many have told me today that I will be able to welcome them back to school in September, as members of our Sixth Form.”

Hilbre High School’s popular and successful Sixth Form still has places available and encourages people to apply, if they are seeking success in further study, with a wide range of academic and vocational courses available.

We would like to take this opportunity to give the following students a  special mention for the progress they have made since joining Hilbre High School: Joshua Kelly, Samuel Marsh, Isobel Ellson, Sam Sheridan, Matthew Arden, Connor Fishwick, Daniel Stenning, Will King, Oliver White, Samuel Sephton, Beth Curry and Linxi Jian.

Also deserving of a special mention are Isobell Ellson, Matthew Kerr and Barnaby Matthews for achieving a magnificent fifteen grade 9s between them.

Pictures of our students picking-up their results in school can be seen in the website Gallery.