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Hilbre High School Humanities College

Hilbre High School
Humanities College

Art and Design

The aim of the Art and Design Department is to encourage students to look at, become aware of and appreciate the world in which they live. This aim will be realised through both practical work and art appreciation.

Art students are taught in mixed ability groups. Years 7, 8 and 9 have two 60 minute lessons during the two week timetable. At Key Stages 4 and 5, students can choose to follow courses in Fine Art and/or Graphic Design.

It is often thought that great works of art are the result of the artist's innate talent rather than learnt ability. Successful works of art are, however, the result of a hard earned mastery of a formal language. It is the teaching of this (visual) language that we emphasise.

Throughout all our courses, emphasis is placed on gaining information from direct observation. Using observation as a starting point, students are then encouraged to develop their ideas in a wide range of media; ceramics, sculpture, collage, painting, printmaking and so on.

Students will also be required to view and respond to the works of artists, craftspeople and designers from different ages and cultures. Students will be encouraged to find practical links between the works that they see and their own work.

Display of work from all years is on-going and quality work and effort in both classroom and homework will be rewarded.

We hope that during their Key Stage 3 Art lessons, students will not only acquire practical skills for successful use in GCSE and A-Level examinations but also a more lasting enjoyment of the subject, an appreciation of the wide world of art and design and an understanding of its role and importance within the realm of the "Arts" as a whole.