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Hilbre High School Humanities College

Hilbre High School
Humanities College


Our school is an all inclusive community; in it we are continually working to ever strengthen the impact that our learners make within the wider community. We encourage our learners to gain a growing understanding of their rights and responsibilities and become increasingly confident in standing up for the rights of all citizens.

Our Student Council is democratically elected each academic year and serves a very important purpose in giving a voice to our students and helping to steer our school’s contributions to the wider community. Learners are given the means to share their views through regular opportunities to contribute to our magazine, The Hilbre Endeavour, which serves to promote the ethos of the school.

Our students organise and participate in charity appeals on a whole school basis and, where appropriate, are encouraged to engage with others in the community.

As a specialist Humanities college, we believe it is important that our learners understand and contribute to the community. We see them achieving this on a daily basis, in the way they value the school, each other and those across the world.