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Hilbre High School Humanities College

Hilbre High School
Humanities College


Our academic curriculum occupies 25 hours of the school week; we have adopted and endorse the Wirral Education Committee curriculum policy and we exercise an equal opportunity and multicultural access to all areas of the school.

For two years, all students follow a common curriculum consisting of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Religious Education, French or Spanish, Design Technology, Information Technology, Art, Dance, Drama, Physical Education, Music and Personal & Social Education/Citizenship. For some students in Year 8 there is the opportunity to study a second foreign language.

In Year 9, students continue with a broad and balanced curriculum but in some subjects students will be studying GCSE courses in preparation for Key Stage 4.

Students with Special Educational Needs are supported by specialist staff, either as individuals within the normal curriculum or by individual or small group withdrawal.

In Key Stage 4, Years 10 and 11, all students aim for GCSE Examinations or other GCSE equivalent qualifications such as BTECs.

The Year 10 and Year 11 curriculum currently consists of English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Statutory Religious Education, Science and Physical Education. Further choices are also made from option 'blocks'.

 For more specific curriculum information for each subject, please click on the appropriate subject link, below.


During Year 9 a 14+ Handbook is issued to parents, explaining the option procedures and possibilities. Whilst the initial choice must be a matter which is decided between parents and students, the school is obviously deeply involved in the whole procedure. Accordingly, the following programme has been drawn up in the hope that we will give the maximum possible assistance in this matter. 

1.   Talks to Year 9 classes on the option possibilities.

2.   Option courses to be explained by Curriculum Area Leaders and Departments.

3.   Option Forms to parents, together with 14+ Handbook.

4.   All students and their parents have an individual appointment with a senior member of staff to discuss the option process and students’ choices.

5.   Year 9 Parents' Evening - for discussion and questions.

6.   Option Forms returned to school, showing choices made.

7.   Final programme of study for each individual student prepared and necessary information given to parents.

8.   This programme of study is not unalterable and the opportunity for further discussion will be given to any parents who may so request.


Students at Hilbre are encouraged and helped to become aware of all the range of opportunities open to them at 16.

Sixth Form provision in school includes access to AS and A2 Levels, BTEC and GCSE courses.


If you wish to find out more about the curriculum our school is following, please contact our School Office with your enquiry or contact the relevant Head of Subject by email.