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Drama is a popular subject at Hilbre and we offer a wide range of opportunities for students of all ages to get involved. All Key Stage 3 students study Drama each week, and learn skills such as improvisation, team work, theatre design and script work. Drama is an extremely popular choice at GCSE. We also have large numbers of students studying Drama at A Level. 

Drama lessons include a wide range of activities such as mask work, devising, Greek Theatre, set design and script writing. Students will investigate different theatre styles in order to deepen their knowledge of the subject and develop the quality of their work.

Students of all ages are invited to take part in Drama visits, and trips are frequently organised. There are many opportunities for extracurricular activities for students of all ages; for example, students in Years 7 to 13 are invited to take part in our school musical productions as actors, musicians, dancers, designers or technical assistants. Both Drama studios are always busy and productive with different students rehearsing most evenings and lunchtimes.

Key Stage 3 - DRAMA


Year 7

Year 8


  • Physical Theatre and Pantomime
  • Script

‘ The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty’

(Text and off text work)


  • WW2 Evacuation

Devising around research

  • Devising around research -‘The Titanic’


  • ‘Romeo and Juliet’
    (Text and off text exploration.)
  • ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’
    Text and off text exploration.

Key Stage 4


Year 9

Year 10

Year 11


  • Blood Brothers
  • Skills for Devising 
  • Blood Brothers
  • Portfolio completion
  • Live Review analysis
  • Exploration of scripted performance texts and contextual elements taught.


  • Exploring texts
  • Skills for Devising
  • Devising and portfolio work.
  • Exam concept completed and practical exam rehearsals.
  • Exam prep


  • Practical Script Exam


  • Devising Practical Mock Exam  
  • Written Mock Exam
  • Devising Practical Exam.
  • Written exam prep
  • Written Mock Exam
  • Written Exam
  • Blood Brothers and Live Review



Revision tasks on Show my Homework

Support & Extra Curricular Opportunities

  1. Year 7 and 8 Weekly Drama Club.
  2. Whole school show rehearsals.
  3. Theatre Trips regularly planned for all year groups.
  4. After school practical rehearsals for devising and Year 11 practical script exam.
  5. Lunchtime portfolio catch up sessions.
  6. Drama Studios are available to rehearse at lunch for all year groups, with prior arrangement with Drama teacher.
  7. After School Extra Revision for written exam will commence in March.

Key Stage 5 -DRAMA


Year 12


Year 13



  • Introduction to set text 1:  ‘That Face’.
  • Live review
  • Students will explore That Face in practical work approaching the play as an actor and designer.
  • They will visit the theatre and analyse the play.
  • Students will complete and perform their devised play started in summer Year 12. They will complete a coursework portfolio to support this.
  • Text 3 will be introduced- Lysistrata.
  • Theatre History taught
  • Students are marked for their acting or design in the devised performance.
  • The portfolio is assessed on research, analysis and evaluation of the devising process.
  • Students will learn the plot, characters and themes of Lysistrata. Some practical exploration, but mostly theory based. 
  • Ancient Greek theatre needs to be studies and compared to contemporary theatre.


  • That Face Cont.
  • Introduce Text 2 for Devising
  • Introduce 3 practitioners   
  • Students will write creative ideas for all scenes for That Face, including acting and design ideas.
  • Students will explore another performance text and explore the play’s themes, plot and possible interpretations.
  • Students will be introduced to the methodologies of the practitioners Stanislavski, Berkoff and Knee High. 
  • Study of Brecht’s methodologies.
  • Theatre History- Ancient Greek Theatre.
  • Linking theatre history and Brecht to Lysistrata.
  • Revision of ‘That Face’.
  • Live Review 2
  • That Face reintroduced – practice questions and preparation and planning for ideas for each scene.
  • Live Review 2 with a performance seen this term. Analysis of the production elements.
  • Brecht’s methodologies applied attached to the interpretation of Lysistrata.
  • Theatre History taught in relation to ‘Lysistrata’. Students need to understand the original performance conditions


  • Devising Practical Mock Exam 
  • Written Mock Exam
  • Students will begin the devising process, creating a play inspired by performance text 2.
  • Students will research the play, practitioner and material needed for the devised piece.
  • They will apply the methodology of one practitioner.
  • Students will be introduced to the practitioner Brecht.

Summer mock exam -That Face and Live Review.

  • Revision and preparation for That Face., Live Review, Lysistrata, Theatre History and Brecht

Final Exam  in June- That Face, Live Review and Lysistrata

  • Comprehensive understanding of whole That Face and Lysistrata scripts.  Comprehensive understanding of Brecht and Theatre History.
  • Preparation of detailed creative ideas for both plays.
  • 500 words of notes for analysed live performance complied to be taken into final exam.