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Hilbre High School

Hilbre High School


We aim to develop a child's ability to communicate in both writing and speech to a variety of audiences for a range of purposes, including narration, discussion, persuasion and information. Reading is promoted as a key skill in all years. We wish to develop a child's ability to read and understand a range of literature, other printed materials and the media. Our intention is to produce effective, discriminating, enthusiastic readers. Reading is the means by which students are able to access other subjects, which makes our task doubly important. The ability to communicate effectively in any situation promotes success in children's education and careers, as well as enriching their lives.

Our aims are interpreted in a scheme of work, which includes the study of plays, novels, poetry and the media. The study of literature allows students to have insights into other people's lives and extend their knowledge of human behaviour, including their own. Studying the media encourages students to hold an opinion on matters of topical interest, to be aware of the global community and be alerted to bias and persuasion. We use a wide range of technology to enhance learning and teaching.

Through oral work, students have opportunities to participate in debates, group discussions, plays, talks and performance of their own poetry with a view to developing their self-confidence. Work is marked giving clear guidance, so that students learn what they need to do in order to move to a higher level. We spend time, one-to-one, with students to assess their performance and set individual targets for improvement.

 Extra-curricular activities include theatre trips and visits from poets.

 Homework is set regularly and will vary from reading to research or narrative writing. It is preferable if this can be completed in a quiet environment away from distractions. Successful students usually develop the habit of reading regularly, using their local library, thereby building on the use made of the school library.