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Exams Update 2023-24

January 2024 exams

Student timetables and exam rooms for all January 2024 VTQ examinations can be viewed on Edulink /exams tab. Students are advised to familiarise themselves with the JCQ exam documents for NEA and Written Examinations. Students are also reminded to be aware of the JCQ guidance about social media and the JCQ Warning for Candidates for sitting examinations.  The links to these documents are on this web page.

Yr 11 and Yr 13 February Formal TAG Assessment Weeks

All Yr11 and Y13 students will sit formal assessments w/c 12th February 2024 and the week after half-term, w/c 26th February 2024. These assessments will be conducted following JCQ exam regulations, and it is important that all students prepare and are in school for these assessments. There will be a 'results morning' for students only on Monday 18th March 2024. The individual timetables are being prepared and can be viewed on Eduink.

Summer 2024 examinations 

Student timetables are being prepared. Exam entries for science, maths, MFL and VTQ subjects will not be completed until January/February 2024. All re-sit exams for VTQ subjects will be confirmed following the results from the January 24 exam series.  Students should check their timetables regularly, and they can be viewed on Edulink. Students should speak to the Exams Officer if there are any queries.

Summer 2024 exam dates

The exam season summer 2024 starts with a number of practical-based exams including Art, Food Technology, Music, Drama and Dance. Dates will be confirmed in due course, but please be aware that the exam season starts in April 2024. The exam window for MFL Language exams is 2nd April - 24 May. 

The last main exam for all Yr 11 students is Friday 14th June, however there are some exams the following week for non-core GCSE subjects, with the final GCSE exam on Wednesday 19th June and the final GCE exam on Friday 21st June.

Exam Contingency Dates : summer 2024

JCQ and all exam boards set aside a number of exam contingency dates. All students should be aware of these dates and should be available to take examinations in the event of a national or other emergency which affects the exam timetable. The dates for summer 24 are the afternoon of 6 June and 13 June 2024 and the morning and afternoon of 26 June 2024. Students should therefore NOT book any holiday or events until 27th June 2024.

Exam Results : summer 24

  • GCE/L3 VTQ Exam results : Thursday 15th August 2024 
  • GCSE/L2 VTQ Exam results : Thursday 22nd August 2024

Important exam reminders for students and the importance of understanding exam malpractice in written exams and coursework:

Malpractice in exams and malpractice for coursework and Non-Examined Assessments (NEA)

It is important that all candidates understand exam malpractice for all written public exams and coursework units. The exam boards have given clear guidance about malpractice and all students must make themselves aware of the exam regulations. The exam boards have made the following statement for students and the link to the student guidance is below : 'Sometimes there might be issues or concerns about the validity of your work. While we don't want to see anyone jeopardise their grades or marks, we must investigate any suspected breaches and students could face a penalty if found to have committed malpractice. Make sure you understand the rules and boundaries.'

Use of AI and Malpractice: Students must make sure that work submitted for assessment is demonstrably their own. If any sections of their work are reproduced directly from AI generated responses, those elements must be identified by the student and they must understand that this will not allow them to demonstrate that they have independently met the marking criteria and therefore will not be rewarded. Students should make sure that they understand the regulations and understand how to correctly reference their work. 

Prohibited items : A reminder that students are no longer allowed to have any type of watch on them during an exam – this includes smart watches, digital watches and traditional analogue watches. 

Mobile phones : Remember, just having a mobile phone in your possession - even if you do not use it - will lead to a total loss of marks. Using or attempting to use a phone will lead to disqualification. Please make sure that you understand the serious penalties that come with having a phone with you in the exam - your invigilators will do a final check as part of the invigilator’s announcement before each exam. 

Offensive or obscene content : Please remember that the use of any offensive, obscene or discriminatory content in your exam responses is considered malpractice. Students are responsible for all content you include, so you must understand the potential outcomes if you choose to include anything considered offensive or obscene. 

Information for students : There are many resources available on the internet to support students to plan and organise exam revision, cope with the pressure of exams and understanding exam malpractice. AQA exam board have produced a number of useful resources which are on their student and parent support pages to help support students. This includes information on malpractice in exams and managing exam stress.

Ofqual's student checklist is also a useful resource to help students prepare for public assessments.

 Other resources are : 

A list of all exam subjects, exam boards and revision guides can be found in the attached documents. 

Contact information: Mrs A Lightfoot, Exams Officer :