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Hilbre High School

Hilbre High School

ICT and Computer Science

What do we think is important about our subject?


Basic ICT skills & creativity are paramount in young pupils’ lives and futures so it is important that we address this throughout a pupils’ time at Hilbre. Not only should these skills be enhanced in the department, but across different subjects. It is important for a pupil to have basic ICT literacy to use a computer to facilitate a wider education in other areas of the school. Data modelling (Spreadsheets) & data handling (Databases) combine key skills that are required for pupils and that are transferable to other subjects. By studying these concepts from year 7 & 8, pupils are able to build a strong skill set that will feed into the KS4 & 5 syllabus that we offer as a department. Being able to use the internet effectively and safely is a crucial skill for young people, and this is practiced again from year 7 up to year 13. For some tasks, pupils are encouraged to research new ideas or find a solution to a problem themselves rather than relying on other people to provide an answer for them. Additionally, the Internet unit in year 8 focuses on how we can use the Internet safely and effectively. This links with the KS4/5 options that we offer as a lot of the assignments require effective referring to online sources.

Computer Science

Applying logic, reasoning and problem solving are techniques that are paramount in Computer Science and skills that are frequently used throughout the curriculum. For examples, through addressing different problems in relation to algorithms in year 7 programming. Resilience is a key and this is addressed specifically in the CS units in year 7 & 8, where complex binary calculations are completed/new Python programming language where pupils have to program different solutions to problems throughout the unit. They are continuously faced with errors that they are encouraged to independently solve (much like a programmer in industry needs to) which not only enables pupils to develop these key skills, but also will help them if they chose ICT/CS options in KS4/5.