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Knowledge Organisers






What is a Knowledge Organiser?

Knowledge Organisers are designed to help and support you to learn key knowledge.  It summarises and condenses the most useful and vital knowledge within a topic onto one or two pages.

Why should you use them?

When we first learn something, we easily forget it.  When we revisit something we have learned repeatedly, we remember it better; this is shown in the diagram below.  By using the knowledge organiser regularly, it will help you to remember important information and ultimately improve your ability to recall information when needed.

How can you use Knowledge Organisers to Revise?

  • Mind Mapping

information gathered from your knowledge organiser to create mind maps. Make sure you use colours and images, keeping writing to a bare minimum.

  • Record It

Record yourself on your phone or tablet reading out the information. These can be listened to as many times as you want!

  • Teach it!

Teach someone your key facts and the get them to test you, or even test them!

  • Flash Cards

Write the question on one side and on the other record the answer. Test yourself or work with a friend to make sure you know all the key information for each topic.

  • Hide and Seek

Read through your knowledge organiser, put it down and try and write out as much as you can remember. Then keep adding to it until its full!

  • Sketch it

Draw pictures to represent each of the facts or dates. It could be a simple drawing or something that reminds you of the answer.

  • Back to front

Write down the answers and then write out what the questions the teacher may ask to get those answers.

  • Post-its

Using a pack of post-it notes, write out as many of the keywords/dates/facts as you can remember in 1 minute

  • Revision clocks.

Study a section of your knowledge organiser and try to remember it. Cover the knowledge organiser and write what you can remember in the first section of your revision clock. Check your knowledge organiser and add anything that you had forgotten. Repeat with a different section of the knowledge organiser.