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In the Mathematics Curriculum Area each student is considered as an individual in his/her own right.   Each student will be monitored individually to ensure maximum progress and we have the added support of a team of staff who work with groups or individuals in the classroom.

The main aim of the Mathematics Curriculum Area is progress for all students through an understanding and enjoyment of Mathematics. To support this there are a number of extra-curricular challenges available throughout the whole age range to supplement the learning that occurs in lessons.

We explain mathematics through practical work and situations that the students will understand. The use of attractive, well-illustrated materials, together with ICT based activities, allow the students to enter imaginatively into situations which embody mathematical ideas. The mathematics is related to the students' experience and we encourage all students to use and apply their mathematical ability.

In Years 7 and 8, students are taught in ability sets and will be closely monitored and assessed on a regular basis, the results of which may mean a change to the ability sets. In addition, all students will complete an end of year examination in order to further re-assess potential.

In Years 9, 10 and 11, students continue to be taught in ability sets all of which follow a GCSE syllabus. At the end of the GCSE course, all students will take an examination at either Foundation or Higher tier depending on their attainment throughout the course.

In the Sixth Form students follow both the AS and A2 MEI Mathematics modular course.

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