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Hilbre High School

Hilbre High School

Safeguarding and Child Protection

The Governing Body and staff at Hilbre High School will ensure that all students at the school are safe.  Safeguarding at Hilbre High ensures all our students remain safe; Child Protection is the procedure we follow for students who have been harmed or at risk of being harmed.

Safeguarding of the child is the responsibility of everyone who works, volunteers or is a member of the Governing Body at Hilbre High School.

The promotion of the welfare of students under our care is of paramount importance. The ethos of Hilbre High School is one in which we do all we can to promote a positive, supportive and safe environment in which students grow academically and emotionally.

As a school, we work proactively with parents/legal guardians and, where necessary, outside agencies to fully support our students.

All staff members are trained in Safeguarding procedures on an annual basis, meeting statutory guidance. Designated Safeguarding Leads within Hilbre High School are trained to a high level, thus meeting statutory guidance.

Hilbre High School incorporates “CPOMS” Safeguarding software within the fabric of our Safeguarding practice and procedures. All teaching and support staff are trained and have access to this software, twenty-four hours a day. The implementation of “CPOMS” within Hilbre High School has led to early identification of Safeguarding issues and the efficient application of effective protective measures.

For more details on Child Protection and Safeguarding procedures at Hilbre High School, please access Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2024 below.