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Hilbre High School

Hilbre High School

Student Council 2023-2024

The Student Council plays a vital and active role at our school, with all its members dedicated to enhancing our educational community. The key responsibilities of the Student Council encompass: 

  • Listening to the concerns and suggestions of students.  

  • Advocating for students' viewpoints.  

  • Participating in the development of school policies.  

  • Enhancing the overall school environment.  

  • Improving the conditions within the school.  

  • Providing peer support to fellow students.  

  • Enhancing the learning environment.  

  • Organising fundraising activities. 


In our Student Council, there are two representatives from each year group who collaborate with the form representatives. Before our meetings, form representatives collect information from their groups during designated active form sessions. Student council members can also obtain information by conducting student voice surveys. The year representatives then gather this information and present it at our meetings, where we collectively discuss and decide on matters.  Essentially, they serve as messengers, bridging the gap between their year group and our council.  

Some of the student council members have designated roles: 

  • The Chairperson manages the meetings and make sure everyone gets to talk. They also talk to the school’s senior leadership team about things we want to change. The Chairperson works with the Secretary to plan what they'll talk about in the meetings. 


  • The Secretary help plan the meetings and write down what happens in them. They give a copy to the Assistant Headteacher (Mr. Britton), so everyone knows what we talked about.  



  • The Treasurer takes care of our money. They keep track of how much is collected through fundraising. They tell us about the money at meetings and make a big report at the end of the year. 


  • The Personal Relations Team tells everyone what the Student Council is doing. They help us talk to our teachers, school bosses, and parents. They keep everyone in the loop. 

Student council meetings take place during the following dates: 

  • 18/09/23  

  • 20/11/23  

  • 29/1/24  

  • 18/03/24  

  • 29/04/24 

  • 16/06/24 


For further information regarding the student council, please contact Mr. S Britton (Assistant Headteacher for Personal Development). 


Welcome to our Student Council Online Suggestion Box!

Your voice matters and we want to hear your ideas, feedback, and suggestions to make our school community even better. To submit your suggestions, simply use the form below. We appreciate your active participation in shaping a positive and inclusive environment for everyone. Let's work together to make our school a place where every student's voice is heard and valued. Fill in the form, share your thoughts, and let's make a difference together!