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Hilbre High School

Hilbre High School

Super Curriculum


At Hilbre High School, we strive to cultivate the "Hilbre Learner" by inspiring all our students to reach their full potential and foster a passion for learning. The super-curriculum offers students the chance to enrich their education through a variety of suggested activities beyond the realms of the classroom. 


What are super-curricular activities? 


You've probably heard of "extra-curricular activities" that go beyond your regular curriculum, like sports or first aid courses. Super-curricular activities are those that take the subjects you study further, beyond that which your teacher has taught you or what you’ve done for homework. You can delve deeper through reading, watching videos, downloading lectures, visiting museums, or joining academic competitions. 


Why are super-curricular activities important? 


To excel in future academic pursuits, two key factors are essential: 

  1. Genuine enthusiasm and curiosity for your chosen subject. 
  2. The ability to engage in independent study. 


What are the benefits of super-curricular activities? 

  • Subject selection: Engaging in activities like extra reading or participating in subject-specific competitions allows you to assess your passion for a particular field. If you find yourself genuinely enjoying exploration beyond your assigned coursework, it indicates a positive alignment between you and the subject. 


  • Personal statement enhancement: Many universities value super-curricular activities as they demonstrate your capacity for self-directed learning and your responsiveness to new ideas. Including such activities in your personal statement can provide evidence of these qualities. 

  • Skill development: Super-curricular activities develop critical thinking, information absorption, inferencing, and multi-perspective analysis skills. Challenging yourself with new concepts, questioning assumptions, and identifying argument weaknesses fosters skill growth. These activities also prepare you for the demanding self-study of higher education, surpassing prior experiences. 


You will find links to the super-curriculum tasks for each subject below: 

While most of these suggestions can be completed independently by students, there are certain ideas that can be enjoyable to engage in as a family! 



Animal Management Art & Design Business
Citizenship Dance Design & Technology
Drama English Food Preparation & Nutrition
Geography Health & Social Care History
ICT & Computer Science Law Mathematics
Media Studies Modern Foreign Languages Music
Physical Education PSHE Psychology
Religious Studies Science Textiles