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Hilbre High School

Hilbre High School


The importance of our school uniform

There are many pros to wearing a school uniform. School uniform plays a key role in promoting pride, self-confidence, and a feeling of belonging within the student body. These factors contribute to students' wellbeing, removing the additional pressures of deciding what to wear and added stress of meeting the expectations of their peers. 


'Students dress smartly in their uniform, as they are proud of their academy.'

Ofsted February 2014

Uniform requirements for all pupils:

  • Black blazer or
  • Black knitwear - 'v' neck 
    (Cardigans are not an acceptable alternative)
  • School tie
  • Strong, sensible black shoes
    (No light colours or high heels. 'Trainers' or boots are not allowed)
  • Specific black school bag (compulsory for Year 7 and Year 8)



  • White school shirt
  • Black trousers
  • Socks - black, white or grey 



  • White school blouse
  • School skirts should be black, knee length and of a traditional school uniform style (these should be box pleated). It must not be of a stretchy jersey/‘lycra’ type material.
  • Pinafore dress but it must have an embroidered badge, or
  • Black straight legged classic cut trousers
  • Tights - black, or
  • Socks to the knee or ankle length - black or white

Please note that students must wear a tie, a school style jumper with a badge, or a blazer with a badge, full length trousers or a skirt and sensible school shoes. This does not include tank tops, culottes, shorts or white/coloured pumps. Jewellery (except a wristwatch), make-up, nail polish, false nails or false tan should NOT be worn and hairstyles must be acceptable in terms of length, style and colour. In excessively warm weather, teachers will allow pupils to remove appropriate items such as jumpers and blazers. One pair of small-stud-earrings may be worn by students.

We are proud of the appearance of our pupils and ask you to join us in ensuring that your child/ward leaves the house on school days in full school uniform, ready for the day ahead.


Please note: this is not an exhaustive list. It simply serves to illustrate some examples of all black, standard, school-style shoes appropriate for school. If in doubt, please call your child’s Year Team before buying. Please do not ask staff in local shoe shops as they only want to sell shoes and are not aware of our uniform policy.



  • Black and purple aertex polo shirt - with school badge
  • Black shorts
  • Black sports socks
  • Specific black sweatshirt or black hoodie - with school badge 
  • Waterproof sports PE jacket - black with white piping and with school badge 
  • Studded outdoor boots
  • Training shoes or pumps


  • Black and purple aertex polo shirt - with school badge
  • Black shorts OR black skorts
  • Black sports socks
  • Black sports leggings NOT fashion leggings
  • Specific black sweatshirt or black hoodie - with school badge 
  • Waterproof PE jacket - black with white piping and with school badge 
  • Training shoes or pumps

It is strongly advised that shin pads are worn by all pupils taking part in football, rugby and hockey activities. It is also strongly advised that pupils should wear mouth guards when taking part in hockey and rugby lessons.

School Tie

At Hilbre, each year group has a different coloured stripe on their tie. This makes it easier to distinguish between year groups. For the current school year 23-24, the tie colours are as follows: 


Year 7 GREEN
Year 11 RED


Required Recommended

School Bag – to carry equipment and books (not a handbag/fashion bag)

Pencil Case Pens (black/blue, including 2 spares)

Pencil Sharpener



Scientific Calculator – (Casio fx- 83GTX is recommended as it will be suitable for Years 7-11)

Coloured pencils

Felt tip pens


Glue stick

Green pen


Suppliers of uniform and sportswear: We have a number of school uniform suppliers - 

Wirral Uniform -

ID - 

Larry Adams -

Design & Stitch

Larry Adams
7a Banks Road
West Kirby
CH48 0QX   

tel: 0151 625 9424

ID Uniforms Ltd
1 Carr Lane
CH47 4BG     

tel: 0151 632 7500

Wirral Uniform Centre
2a Princes Pavement

CH41 2XY
tel: 0151 647 9588

Design & Stitch

Unit 6 Tarran Way South



CH46 4TP

tel: 0151 665 0088


Please make sure your son/daughter has all the correct kit by the start of the school term. 

All items of P.E. kit should be clearly marked with the pupil's name.

# N.B. Astroturf trainers are not allowed to be worn in the Sports Hall