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Hilbre High School

Hilbre High School

Vision and Values



‘Our vision is for every Hilbre student to have the very best educational experience, to be seen as respectful of others, happy and with a strong moral-compass.’ 


          We place high value on having the Highest Expectations for all in our Hilbre community.

          We place high value on ensuring the Progress of Hilbre students is of paramount importance.

          We place high value on the Pastoral Care offered to our students.

          We place high value on our Knowledge-Rich Curriculum to develop students into Successful Learners.

          We place high value on our Inclusive Approach for students with a range of additional needs.

          We place high value on the Wealth of Opportunities provided within and beyond the classroom.

          We place high value on providing a stimulating school experience from Year 7 through to our Sixth Form.

          We place high value on Aspiration – Hilbre students should not settle for second best.

          We place high value on Positive Relationships, ensuring students are both Happy and Safe.

           We place high value in Hilbre staff taking opportunities to Develop and Grow as professionals.

            We place high value in Teaching and Learning, ensuring Hilbre students are Knowledgeable and Ready for the Wider World.



          Honour: The quality of knowing and doing what is morally right  

          Initiative: The ability to assess and begin things independently  

          Leadership: The action of leading a group of people or a team  

          Boldness: The willingness to take risks and act innovatively  

          Resilience: The capacity to recover from challenges and difficulties  

          Endeavour: The effort required to achieve a goal 


‘Creating a school-wide culture promoting autonomy, professional growth and wellbeing, with staff, in all roles, encouraged to take ownership of their development and seek out opportunities to improve practice, ensuring all students achieve their full potential.’ 


‘Ensuring all students receive their entitlement to a broad, balanced curriculum, appropriate for all and not narrowed. For students to experience high-quality education, stemming from a well-designed, knowledge rich curriculum developing them into successful learners, who are independent, make excellent progress and are able to achieve results reflecting this. To have a robust and well developed quality assurance programme involving all stakeholders and ensuring our curriculum meets the demands and expectations for all.’  


‘For students to enjoy school, attend regularly, value learning and achieve their best; taking advantage of opportunities given to enable them to develop their character, empowering them to become valuable citizens and make positive contributions to society.’