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Year 7 Reading

Hilbre High School is excited to present to you a new and engaging reading initiative, Reading for Pledges.


Reading has a positive impact on accessing all subjects across the curriculum, but did you know that reading for pleasure can add an extra 2 years onto a student's reading age by the time they reach Year 11? With this in mind, we are excited to launch the new reading strategy with our Year 7 cohort for an inspiring September start. Here, Year 7 students will have the opportunity to choose, select and buy a book of their choice offered by the Hilbre bookstore. Take a look at our 10 Fantasy genre books that have been hand selected especially for Year 7 in the Autumn Term. We want students to submerse themselves into the fantasy land of adventure, enchantment and magic whilst enjoying creative activities and learning about the conventions of the fantasy genre. At Hilbre High School, we fully believe that no matter what, you're never too old for a good book so all English teachers will join their class in the reading lessons, and together they will enjoy 30 minutes of reading time just for pleasure once every two weeks. The best part in all of this is students are rewarded for their reading activities. We have an array of reading pledges to hand out that support Hilbre's main pledges and positive rewards. We want students to feel that they can and will achieve in reading. 


Our aim is to encourage the wider reading of different styles and topics. Throughout the year, students will have the opportunity to read new and exciting books from a range of authors and learn about different genres. We want Hilbre students to foster a love of reading and build on their reading interests. 



Linked Reading Pledges


I have honoured my reading homework aim of 20 minutes of independent reading daily


I have demonstrated independent practice and thinking within my ‘Reading for Pleasure’ lesson and any other lesson where reading has been part of a task


I have led a group reading task or demonstrated leadership within my own independent reading time


I have read aloud in class and encouraged others to read in a supportive environment


I have persevered in my independent or group reading even though I have found this challenging


I have shown commitment and drive for achievement in reading, reading homework or in any other lessons where reading has been part of a task