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Parent Voice

Response to the Parent Voice Questionnaire - November 2015

This questionnaire went to all parents/carers and we had 137 replies.

The report below takes three parts:

  • The first is a table showing responses to questions by percentage
  • The second part gives responses to the question ‘what do you like most about the school?'
  • The third part summarises parents’ thoughts about ‘how we can make the school even better’ and gives our response to these suggestions. This Summary Report has been written in January 2016:

The Questions and Responses

Well Being Strongly Agree % Agree % Disagree % Strongly Disagree % Don't Know %
My child is happy at school 45 50 3 2 0
My child has friends at school 48 50 0 2
There is a happy atmosphere at school 31 55 4 3 7
I feel welcome when I come into school 41 45 2 1 11
The school site is sufficiently secure 56 61 3 1 16
The classrooms are clean, tidy and attractive, and provide an effective working environment for my child 28 49 4 2 17
The outdoor environment at school is effective at supporting creativity and learning 20 42 12 2 24
I am kept well informed about what my child is learning at school 48 42 2 3 4
My child is making good progress 50 40 4 1 4
I am kept well informed about how my child is getting on 52 35 4 3 6
I am given enough information about how I can support my child at home 49 40 6 1 4
The school has high expectations for my child 53 31 6 1 9
The school ensures that my child reaches their full potential 40 42 6 1 11
I understand the homework expectations in my child's year group 46 37 6 2 9
I think that my child has the right amount of homework 47 31 7 4 11
Enrichment & Extra Curricular Activities Strongly Agree % Agree % Disagree % Strongly Disagree % Don't Know %
School trips and visits are worthwhile experiences 55 45 0 0 0
The school provides a varied range of trips, visits and activities 53 43 2 0 1
The school runs enough after school clubs 53 34 1 1 11
Behaviour and Pastoral Care Strongly Agree % Agree % Disagree % Strongly Disagree % Don't Know %
I think the school's system of rewarding and praising children is effective 48 48 1 0 3
I think the school's system of discipline is effective 33 38 4 12 13
I am confident the school deals with inappropriate behaviour effectively 37 35 10 7 11
The school's values and attitudes have a positive effect on my child 46 45 2 0 7
The school treats my child fairly 52 37 2 2 7
My child is confident that, should they have a problem, there is someone who will listen to them 59 39 0 0 2
My child enjoys playtimes and lunchtimes 53 40 0 1 6
My child finds school meals enjoyable 41 42 11 2 4
The school helps to promote a healthy lifestyle 47 45 2 6
Communication  Strongly Agree % Agree %  Disagree % Strongly Disagree % Don't Know %
I think members of staff are approachable 55 39 0 0 6
Parent consultation meetings provide me with the information I require about  my child's progress and achievement 47 39 4 2 8
Newsletters provide me with clear information regarding what has happened in school, but also about future events 47 38 4 2 8
The school website provides me with clear information regarding the school 52 46 1 0 1
I understand the role of the school governors 11 13 38 33 5
I feel that I can approach the school if I have a concern 40 40 8 5 7
I believe my concerns would be dealt with by the school in a satisfactory way 38 38 5 3 16
The school is led and managed well 57 36 0 0 9
The school encourages parents and carers to play an active part in school life 30 31 7 4 28

What Do You Like Most About the School?

  • Pleasant staff that are helpful and approachable. Since September a more positive feeling about the school.
  • I really like Show my Homework, it helps to plan ahead.
  • Positive attitude – good teacher/pupil understanding
  • Younger teachers who are not set in their ways
  • The Acting Principal is making a great difference. I am very pleased with this school. Thank you
  • Communication with parents. A good level of discipline
  • Good variety of sports
  • The current head of school has made himself approachable
  • I have met my son’s form teacher and sports teachers and they are all positive and willing to help my son
  • We chose this school for its smaller friendlier feel; it gives praise and encouragement to all students despite their academic level
  • Pleased that Year 10s are not allowed out at lunchtime. It is good to know where they are
  • Progress is well monitored and assessed
  • Feel that teachers do know pupils as individuals
  • Good leadership
  • Pastoral care is excellent. Always feel I can approach any staff about a concern. If children feel secure and can approach staff or feel something will be dealt with and they will be listened to, then learning is going to be more effective
  • The friendly atmosphere, approachable teachers and caring staff
  • The opportunities to represent and be involved with inter-school activities
  • Friendly approachable staff. Very good approach to the student’s wellbeing and happiness.
  • Great maths and science
  • It seems to have a varied amount of subjects and extra lessons if required and my son comes home mostly positive about his day
  • The staff are very approachable, whenever I have needed to raise a concern I have always been impressed with the speedy helpful response
  • I like seeing teachers at the school gates on a morning, checking school uniform
  • Teachers are very approachable and always reply to any concerns very quickly
  • Friendly
  • The way the school fulfils the needs of every child and is very supportive when needed.
  • It seems very friendly and inclusive
  • Boys and girls mixed school
  • Since walking through the doors on his first day, my son is happier than he ever was in Primary School
  • Happy, safe and secure environment
  • My son seems happy at school
  • Its diverse learning and helpfulness and caring attitude to my child.
  • I am very happy about the helpfulness of all staff and how they have taught my child to be more confident and sociable
  • My child enjoys school
  • The curriculum is good
  • Friendly staff at reception
  • Communication and systems in place seem to be highly effective with regards to homework, lunchtime, plays, timetables etc.
  • Approachable teachers
  • The level of quality of teaching
  • I like the fact that the school greatly encourages my son in his work and in turn, this shows in his results/he is doing extremely well at the school and is so happy
  • Teachers accessible and responsive to parents
  • The post card sent home over half term had a really positive impact, thank you
  • Clean, modern, good history
  • Supportive, caring atmosphere. Always know we can speak to someone and our children are being nurtured in a secure environment
  • My first thought of the school was that it was bigger than what I was expecting, loads of different areas for outdoor play and loads of specified areas for different subjects
  • It’s early days yet, but I have been impressed by my son receiving a gold star postcard award through the post
  • Friendliness of staff, structures in place. School always feels welcoming and has a lovely atmosphere
  • All staff are approachable and friendly towards me and my children
  • The investment to make the school an improved working environment and the provision of equipment
  • It’s close to home
  • The fact that my son says he is very happy here, which is a true reflection upon the teachers and environment he learns with and in. I am confident he will flourish at Hilbre as he has already become a more confident independent person throughout the short time he has been there
  • Very helpful. Very constructive and positive.
  • The children grow with confidence and start believing they can achieve
  • Staff are very encouraging and supportive
  • Definitely the praise and recognition (My child responds well to that)
  • I feel the school has a friendly and supportive atmosphere, which helps to allow my child to develop in many ways, to become a well-rounded individual as well as achieving good results
  • The support given to the New Year 7 pupils has been great and has enabled my son to settle in really well.
  • That my children come home happy and enjoy school and that they have improved a lot
  • It has a friendly atmosphere
  • Mix of lessons
  • Inclusive; SEN support for my child
  • How approachable they are
  • The staff! The staff consider how each pupil is progressing in all areas, not just in academic subjects. Staff encourage all their pupils, enabling the young people to achieve in areas they had previously thought unobtainable
  • We like the recent changes that have been made at school, as it seems to have provided a more focussed environment for students to learn
  • Approachable staff
  • The show my homework app is good because I can check homework daily and make sure it is completed on time
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • They help my child to reach their potential by encouraging them to aim high and work hard
  • I like the school ethos and how my child is taught. Staff are approachable
  • The exceptional work done at Royden office. No problem is too small or too big for them to deal with. I have full confidence in this team, in all the separate issues I’ve encountered over the years
  • My child is happy and learns well
  • The school has a positive feel and my daughter has embraced the spirit of the school
  • My child is happy sometimes, but has some teachers who will listen to him
  • My child enjoys coming to school and her progress is obvious to see. She has a good relationship with most of her teachers, whom she respects and admires
  • I like the fact that any time I have had to come into school, any pupils I meet are polite, friendly and very smart. I also like the way the school is involved with local community at a personal level
  • Josh seems very happy and seems to be learning and developing well
  • My daughter is happy at the school which is my main concern
  • The atmosphere
  • The locality
  • My child is happy
  • There are plenty of sporting activities for both of my children
  • I am delighted with the caring and supportive nature of the school and the efforts of all staff to tackle poor behaviour. I support zero tolerance in an effort to improve the experience of the majority of pupils 
  • Very good teachers who inspire my boys to learn and develop
  • Pupils have pride in their school. They seem to look out for one another
  • Being a single parent, the school includes me and I don’t find things out too late to take part
  • My son enjoys school and learning
  • Everybody’s enthusiasm for Hilbre High School and everybody’s readiness for any task
  • It’s local.  Good, friendly staff
  • I like the fact that the school is constantly trying to become better for the pupils
  • Excellent
  • Welcoming. Staff Friendly and supportive
  • Everything!! Very impressed with school staff
  • The school is very welcoming and my child has settled in well because of this
  • I like the fact that my son appears to be happy, settled and always willing to go to school.  He has made many new friends
  • It has a friendly atmosphere and helps my child reach their full potential
  • Teachers contact parents to work with them if any issues arise
  • Encouragement and praise of work by teachers. The performance of my children academically thanks to good overall teaching
  • My child thinks the teachers are nice and has settled in well. Behaviour seems well managed
  • The teachers are always willing to listen
  • My daughter is very happy and finds the teachers approachable and kind. Star of the week was sent to me at home as well as given to my daughter
  • Diversity
  • Encourages pupils to do well
  • We find the staff are very approachable
  • Friendly approachable staff

How Can We Make the School Better?

When asked how can we make the school even better, parent responses focused upon homework, communication, lunchtime arrangements, assessments, extra-curricular provision, behaviour and the school buses.

Below are some of the responses. We particularly like the first one, which is…

‘How Can You Improve on Perfection?’

Responses have been grouped into key areas, such as ‘Curriculum’ below, a few key examples selected and a Hilbre response given:


  • More choice of GCSE subjects
  • Ask pupils to volunteer if interested in gardening; start a grow your own garden and perhaps dress the front of the school with flowers in pots, etc. Then have pupils recognised for their creativity. 

Hilbre Response/Action (January 2016)

We are always aiming to deliver a wide curriculum and select the subjects that are most appropriate to our students. When choosing their GCSE options and A-level subjects, our students and their parents/carers have the opportunity to meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team for a full discussion and review of the student’s progress and suitability for the courses chosen. Feedback from these meetings is always very positive and parents tell us that they are pleased with the range of subjects on offer and the combinations that can be chosen.


  • Improve feedback on homework. Is it enough? Could it be better; without feedback it is difficult to know?

Hilbre Response/Action (January 2016)

Homework is a perennial concern for parents; either too much or too little. Since we introduced Show My Homework and made the homework accessible to parents/carers, there has been very little concern raised about homework in school and we feel that we are still on course with our approach to homework. Of course, homework should be marked by our teachers and feedback provided to students. However, there may be some homework set that is not marked; instead, the piece of work/assessment related to the homework will be marked. This may be the case if the homework is to conduct research or revision.


  • More individual communication please, if possible. Better communication.
  • Would it be possible to text reminders of parents evening/meet the form teacher in case the child “forgets” to tell us about them?
  • Include more pupils in school newsletter.

Hilbre Response/Action (January 2016)

With our weekly newsletter, our termly magazine and regular use of ‘call parent’ texts, we hope we give communication paramount importance. We do already send a ‘call parent’ reminder about parents’ evenings and put reminders in the weekly newsletter. If messages are not being received by parents then do please tell us; it may be that we don’t have the most recent phone number or email address. The idea about more students in the newsletter is an excellent one and we hope to give students more of a voice in the newsletter.


  • There is always a trail of litter from the shops all the way into school. It has lessened but is still happening
  • Stop pupils going out at lunchtime
  • I don’t agree with the new play time arrangements though the school does seem cleaner
  • Only allow sixth formers off school premises
  • Other opportunities to mix with friends from other forms during wet break
  • My daughter is not very happy about not being allowed in at lunchtime. Sort out fenced off areas.
  • Open the field in summer with bins for rubbish
  • An outdoor shelter for bad weather days
  • Scrap the zoning system at lunchtimes

Hilbre Response/Action (January 2016)

In September 2015, we made a big change to our lunchtime arrangements so that students spend some time outside instead of being cooped-up in the building. We also changed arrangements so that only Year 11 and the Sixth Form could go off-site during lunch (previously, Year 10 could too) and we have stopped students using the school field. Why? The points made above by parents offer an answer. Prior to the changes, we had a terrible litter problem, both inside and outside the school. Now, although not perfect, there is much less litter; the school field is spotless and the community around Hilbre is much cleaner. Our students integrate much better over lunchtime and break; they get more fresh-air and have a healthier attitude to school. It is important to know that students do have the option to remaininside at lunchtime; either by using our communal lunch/bistro area or by joining one of our lunch clubs. Although a big change, we are delighted with the impact it has made and we continue to look to make improvements. Recently, we have invested in additional outdoor shelter facilities to provide cover for students.


  • Encourage pupils to bring home Learner Journals
  • Could we see more of the work the children do online or in books taken home
  • I would appreciate a meeting for parents about the new grade levelling system. I don’t know how to compare it to the old system in order to see progress e.g. level 5a, if not a meeting then an information sheet

Hilbre Response/Action (January 2016)

Following parental requests, we now allow Learner Journals to be taken home. However, it is essential that these are returned to school quickly and that they are looked after with great care as a Learner Journal is the key document that reflects the progress made by the student and the guidance that has been provided by the teacher.


  • Push the middle achievers more. I feel these get left to fall behind if they don’t seem very keen to learn. High achievers and low achievers are very well looked after.

Hilbre Response/Action (January 2016)

Many questionnaire responses have highlighted the high quality of teaching that we have in school. However, we are always looking to make improvements. At Hilbre, every student matters to us and we are committed to giving them our very best teaching and support. Consequently, we have invested heavily in support for Pupil Premium students and additional intervention delivery in our school. Our fundamental aim is to challenge every single student to do the best and to provide the best teaching, support and facilities to enable this!


  • Continue to develop rugby at Hilbre, certainly from my boys it has built a real pride in the school and a positive attitude.
  • Maybe by offering a few different clubs besides the ones already

Hilbre Response/Action (January 2016)

We provide a great deal of extra-curricular clubs and activities and recommend that parents go to the website ‘Learning and Support/Extra Curricular’ to see the full list of clubs and activities. Of course, we are delighted with the development of rugby in school and look forward to Hilbre winning a rugby cup in our future!


  • Keep on top of discipline.
  • Give out positive points for not getting a detention,C1,C2,C3.
  • Needs to be more discussion between the student and staff regarding some school rules.
  • Make every pupil count everyone’s good at something so reward and encourage individuals.

Hilbre Response/Action (January 2016)

At the time of writing, January 2016, we are listening to your comments about behaviour and we are conducting a full review of our behaviour policy, rules and sanctions. In September 2015, a changed Senior Leadership Team was established with a new Principal. In our first term under new leadership, we have watched, listened and reviewed. Now, we are committed to making any changes necessary to enable us to be even better. Regarding rewards; we are making it a priority to increase rewards in school and motivational activities such as more school trips, prizes, etc.

December 2014 - Feedback from the questionnaire about our new school monitoring

 Thank you to all who completed our Monitoring survey. Responses show that the new format is popular and proving successful. Responses from parents of children in Years 10 to 13 tell us that you like the new school Monitoring. Parents particularly like the inclusion of each teachers' email address so that personal contact can be made. They also like the fact that we are now reporting whether students are on target to achieve their predicted grade. Comments made have been helpful to us and we may consider further adjustments to the Monitoring, based on the responses proffered.

November 2014 - Feedback about our new digital only version of the Hilbre Endeavour magazine

 Thank you to all who replied to the questionnaire. Responses tell us that you like the new digital version and do not wish us to go back to the print version. Therefore, future Endeavours will be digital only.

Feedback from our Moodle and Internet Safety Evening for Year 7 Parents and Carers, held on Tuesday 12th November 2013

 Thank you to those who attended:


Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
The session gave me a good overview of Moodle
I think that Moodle will improve my child’s education
I think that the Hilbre website is useful
The session gave me helpful information about Internet Safety
After this session, I will discuss internet safety with my child(ren)
The information on our Behaviour Management software was useful

Your Response to the Hilbre High School Humanities College Questionnaire, Following Monitoring in 2013

Thank you to all Parents/Carers who returned the forms to us. In total, we had 69 forms returned and the vast majority of responses to every question were overwhelmingly positive.

It is clear that most of you feel that your child enjoys school and you give a positive response when asked if we inform you about your child’s progress, indicating that you are happy with our communication of your child’s progress.

There is large agreement that the teaching is good at Hilbre and you are very positive that school helps you to support your child’s learning. There is good consensus that we meet your child’s particular needs.

You are happy that we take account of your suggestions and concerns and the majority of you are happy with your child’s experience at Hilbre.

The large majority of you think that your child is making enough progress at Hilbre. There are, however, a small minority of parents who would like to see their child making greater progress. A few comments made told us that you are keen for your child to be stretched and challenged in all subjects and you are keen to see more homework set.

How have we responded? We have improved strategies to check that all students are engaged and making good progress in lessons. We have increased use of collaborative learning strategies; we continue our emphasis on assessment for learning strategies and the intelligent use of plenaries in which we review progress made in the lesson with the students.

To improve challenge for the more able, we have improved differentiation of assessment tasks to ensure the more able are stretched. Equally, we are increasing setting from 2013-14 in English and Mathematics starting in Year 7.

We have improved homework by expanding homework provision through the internet-based provider ‘Doddle’. Feedback from parents about Doddle is very positive. We have also introduced ILPs/Independent Learning Projects to supplement our homework programme.

Once again, thank you for your responses.